Creative Destruction Tips and Cheats: How to be the Last One Standing

Do you want to hone your craft and become a master in playing Creative Destruction game? If you say ‘yes’, it is obvious that you need several Creative Destruction Tips and Cheats. So, are you ready to open a secret room?

Creative Destruction: Gameplay, Graphics, Controls, and Other Things

Creative Destruction is regarded as a sandbox survival game. Imagine yourself in the centre of a vast battlefield. It is full of fire, blood, and death. And you will parachute exactly on this island and become one of the 100 players striving to survive.

In this do-or-die battle, your character can build the homes and other constructions, break the rest, jump, and wield creative weapons so it is hard to get bored. Moreover, the developers add various natural disasters to the game to create a more naturalistic world. Hence, you also need to race against snowstorms, thunderstorms, and heavy wind.

The game was designed in the bright cartoon style with lots of additional catchy effects and animations. There are street buildings, deserts, and beautiful homes in the mountings. Creative Destruction has several gameplay modes, weather and time system. You can play alone or team up with other gamers to create powerful units. But remember that there can only be one winner — the last one standing on the island (one character or a team).

The game can be played on the PC with a joystick or on the mobile phone with a touchscreen. There is no delay in moves or other defects.

Creative Destruction Tips and Cheats to Win

Every game has its pitfalls and things that can help you to win, but they are not self-evident at the beginning. So, here we collected 5 useful and interesting cheats for the Creative Destruction. Attention! Spoiler! After reading all of them, you have all chances to win the game!

It has started from the correct landing

Your aim is to land very fast and grab all the loots. To do this, we advise you to look for buildings, and, once you landed, go inside and grab all the necessary things and resources. The most important items you should find and take:

  • Really good guns and other weapons;
  • First-aid boxes (remember that you are in the centre of a deathmatch);
  • Bandage;
  • Shield;
  • Other rare elements that can come in handy later.

Build efficiently

Your building constructions can play a key role in the game, so be excessively attentive to this process. When you find a free place, you should get there as much building material as you can. If you are brave enough, you can build up a pathway to the top of a building with the help of Quick Build ramps feature. A Water Tower is one of the best choices for ramps. Then, you can sit on the top of the building and pick off anyone.

Good building constructions will always attract other players, so you should build four protective walls around yourself if the Quick Build energy allows. They will protect you from ambushing players and give them time to determine a playing strategy.

Look at your compass…

… and get some useful insights. It not only shows your location on the map but also tells you where sounds are coming from. If the enemy is near you but is still a few meters away, the compass shows a yellow icon. But the icon will change the colour to red if the enemy is exactly near you.

Don’t stay at the same place when you are shooting

It is one of the most spread mistakes. People used to stay as a stick when they are shooting an enemy. But the secret is you should always move because if your opponent has a sniper, you can become an easy target for him. 

A safe place is your best shield

It is even more important to stay in a safe place when there are only a few players left on the battlefield. The winning strategy here is pretty simple: the one who sees the opponent first will get the advantage. So, especially in the last game minutes, try to stay at the place where you can not be tracked by other players.

To sum up

Creative Destruction is an exciting and engaging game with decent graphics and unusual missions. We hope that these Creative Destruction Tips and Cheats will help you to win the game. Try them! And, please, share other interesting tips with us in the comments.

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