How to Install Ravenfield Mods. Guide And Tips

Ravenfield is a command and tactical shooter, in which two teams compete for the championship on maps of different sizes. The game does not have multiplayer, that is, it is a single BF2 campaign with many settings. The gameplay is very exciting, and Ravenfield mods can only make it better.

Basic Gameplay

The mechanics of Ravenfield are simple – you need to choose a map, number of bots, type of game, create a session, choose an appearance point, and fight. You can fight either in the capturing points mode or you can simply have a battle in the battalion mode. You can also use the mode without military equipment and change the team, although only at the beginning of the round.

Download Mods for Ravenfield

Ravenvield is a great game with exciting gaming capabilities and good bot intelligence. But if you want to add more variety to the gameplay, install the mods.

With mods, you can transform the game beyond recognition. You can add various mods that will help you create a unique battle – starting with medieval and space battles and ending with fights from fictional reality.

There are several types of game modifications of Ravenfield:

  • For weapons;
  • For vehicles;
  • New maps and skins added, modifications of bots, in the 12th version of the game.

When getting mods online, make sure that they are checked in the game, don’t have viruses, and cannot harm your computer. Also, the description of each mod should contain information about the version of the game it is tested on.

Usually, Ravenfield mods are compatible with all versions. By downloading the mod tested on the older version of the game, in most cases, it will work in the newest version of the game as well.

Do not get carried away with a large number of simultaneously installed mods because, depending on the power of your computer, this can cause a noticeable slowdown in the launch of the game.

Large and detailed maps (for example, a Minecraft map for Ravenfield, the launch of which may take up to 10 minutes) can greatly slow down your computer. Although the game itself is not demanding of opportunities and works fine even on simple configurations.

If the game slows down on your computer, reduce the graphics settings or the number of bots in a battle.

You can download different Ravenfield mods such as:

  • Weapon mods;
  • Equipment mods;
  • Maps;
  • Skins for bots.

Install Ravenfield Mods

Ravenfield game screenshot

If you own the paid version of the game purchased on Steam, then to install Ravenfield mods simply click on the Subscribe button on the Steam page of the mod you want to get. But if you don’t have the Steam version of the game, then this installation guide is for you.

All game mods (weapons, equipment, maps, skins) are installed in the same way:

  • Download the mods from the site (note, each mod indicates the version of the game it is tested on).
  • Unpack the downloaded archive. You will have a folder with the name of the downloaded modification (for example, the Tank-Abrams-USA folder), inside which there is a modification file.
  • Open the folder of the installed game as well as the folder named ravenfield_Data.
  • Make sure there is the Mods folder inside the ravenfield_Data folder. If it is not there, create a folder named Mods. This is the folder where the game will be looking for a list of available modifications.
  • Move the mod folder (for example, the Tank-Abrams-USA folder) to the Mods folder.
  • Run the game.

After successful installation of mods, in the main menu of the game, open the Mods item in it, which will display the mods installed in Ravenfield.

When starting the game, click on Vehicle Switch or Weapon Switch in the parameters, and a list of available vehicles (weapons) will appear. Clicking on them, you can select or enable/disable the use of a particular mod on a certain vehicle.

Keep in mind that some Ravenfield mods replace not only the equipment for which they are intended. For example, some tank mods replace not only the tank slot but also the jeep slot, which allows you to simultaneously use two different tank models or add two tanks instead of one.

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