Top 30 Games Like Terraria

If you are reading these lines, you are probably a fan of self-explained “dig, fight, build” game Terraria, and now you want to test out something like it. Since Steam store has hundreds of sandbox games, we made a list of games like Terraria specially for you. So check it out and you will find some of the most fascinating open-world games of the moment. Let’s dig right into it! Top 30 Terraria alternatives!


Get through heavy Amazon rainforests while fighting big bosses in this nicely made beat ’em up game called Tunche. During the game, you are expected to solve Peruvian mysteries and learn some martial and magical arts to defeat all of your enemies.


To join your gods in Asgard and rest in peace you have to fulfill your last purpose. Show the gods that even after death you remain a cold-blooded warrior who’s ready to fight against every dead underling standing between you and the gates of Asgard.


What would you do if you found yourself lost in space? You can find out your way with Starbound that allows its players to write their own space journey.


Crea gameplay

Expand the world of Crea with each action and victory. Each step you take will be rewarded with new skills enhancing your talents.

Edge of Space

You seem to be off the beam on your space mission of terraforming planets all around the universe, and your spaceship is no longer in operation. You have to land on a dangerous planet, where everything is trying to kill you. In order to survive you need to adapt to unsafe living conditions.

Planet Centauri

Become a leader of a newborn civilization on Planet Centauri. And like a true leader, you will face a lot of difficulties, the main of them being wicked Night Walkers that try to wipe out the nation of Centauri.

Dig or Die

To survive in this game, you have to use all your knowledge and judgment while building defenses around you. Otherwise, you will be wiped out with strong rains, infiltration, and undercurrents of this ruthless planet.

Mechanic Miner

With Mechanic Miner players can build any type of machine that helps to overcome any challenge that may happen on their way. To build something like this all you need is to use your imagination.

Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers gameplay

The group of colonists had been sent to this planet in order to grow roots there, but what they found is a hostile land inhabited by creatures willing to outlive unwelcome guests.

Force of Nature

Players of Force of Nature are given 10 zones each. They have to find the right way to deal with it. Each zone means new challenges to overcome to survive.

Junk Jack

Junk Jack, or This Is the World That Jack Built. And this world will be everything you want it to be with the Creative mode to release your imagination.

Portal Knights

Team up with your friend, because only you can save the world of Elysia. Build, craft, and advance to fight back against the Hollow King.

Rising World

Start from the very beginning having only the basic tools in your hands. Use them wisely and build a grand castle or even a big city.


Forager game screenshot

Can’t stop playing Forager? Then you do everything right, because this freakish game was developed to play it non-stop.

Don’t Starve Together

Collect resources and craft tools to stay alive in a hostile world of the game. Stay alive and stay together with your friends with this new expansion of Don’t Starve.


Magicite is a game of death stream. To survive in this game you and your friends have to not only gather resources to craft items, but also to learn from your mistakes.


As the spaceship was occupied by an alien, players now need to land on the unknown planet. Exploring uncharted environment of the planet, you will make friends with locals and fight against the psychopath trying to take over the world.

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve game screenshot

Assume the role of Wilson, a scientist, who tries to escape a mysterious world he was trapped in. Now Wilson has to understand the laws of this world if he wants to get alive out of it.


Forget about chopping trees and watering plants, as you have to survive in the depth of the ocean. Find all the pieces of the ship and don’t forget to refill your oxygen container if you want to feel the ground under your feet once again.

Escape The Pacific

Become a Robinson Crusoe of your time with this unbelievably detailed survivor game called Escape The Pacific. Experience the whole gamut of life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where your number one goal is to protect fire, and only after that – to find the land.


Start a new civilization by becoming its driving force. If you want people to join your journey, you have to accommodate their basic needs first, like home and food.

Life is Feudal: Your Own

The plot of the game is set in medieval times of Feudalism, but LiF: Your Own still allows its players to modify the world to their wish, which makes it an interesting game experience.

Feel The Snow

Feel The Snow game screenshot

Feel The Snow is one of those both interesting and funny games to play. The game provides a thrilling plot in combination with building, puzzles, mysteries, etc.

Conan Exiles

Enter the violent world of Conan the Barbarian filled with blood and deaths. Fight against your enemies and become a mighty barbarian or just die.


Tired of choosing out of those limited games? Pick Ylands then and set the limits by yourself creating your very own storyline.

Wurm Unlimited

Feel free to decide what you are going to do, and Wurm Unlimited will help you to turn it into reality. Build your home or even hunt the dragons, Wurm Unlimited is here to lend you a helping hand.

Cubic Castles

If your imagination doesn’t have boundaries, then Cubic Castles don’t have them, too. Build your own world alone or with your friends and explore the worlds of other players.

Out of Reach

Out of Reach game screenshot

Assume the role of the pirate and do everything any pirate would do. Build your ship and burn others’, sail a boat to explore the ocean full of treasures.

Survival: Last Day

Any day in the world defeated by deadly virus can be the last day, but don’t let the bastards grind you down, and fight for your life as it is your last day.

Pixel Piracy

Don’t just survive, but become the legendary pirate of Piracia. To achieve this, as a true pirate, you have to rob, trade, and, of course, defeat all your enemies.

Each of the listed games has everything you like about the open world of both sandbox and survival games, and still has something special to offer. Which games like Terarria do you find the most interesting to play and definitely worth a shot? Let us know in the comment section below.

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