Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Full Review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Is this your kingdom come?

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Harvey Watts

23 reviews on HammerGamer

Let’s go and hammer that good-for-nothing drunk’s face!

And what about flinging cow manure at a local resident’s whitewashed house? Then grab some ale for your father. Chat with a busty lass, run away from nomadic savages, plan revenge for you mercilessly slaughtered parents, buy knight’s armor, steal pedigreed horses…

This is Kingdom Come: Deliverance – a bold attempt at forging realism, fantasy, drama, humor and authentic medieval atmosphere into one mighty alloy.

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Graphics: 4.5

Hello, Drakeface!

To be honest, I hate pouring buckets of criticism on something that requires so much time and effort as a full-fledged RPG but…

In terms of graphics, this game is a bit unbalanced. On the one hand, we have a vast, beautifully pictured medieval setting with Farkle and wenches fortresses and towns and even finely animated grass, put in motion by the gentle wind.

On the other we’ve got a certain tinge of muddiness and muffledness. Especially when it comes to textures – objects get muddy every time you get close to them.

However, it compensates for its slightly crude and archaic graphics with a gargantuan game universe.

Gameplay: 4

Mama, I just stabbed a man

Kingdom Come is a semi-historical adventure game seasoned with stealth-action, puzzle-solving, dialogs, quests etc.

You start off as Henry – a handsome lad from medieval Bohemia. He enjoys a good brawl, mischief with his idiot friends, flirting with lassies and occasionally learning the art of fencing – in short anything a fellow of his age and stature would like.

One day Henry’s life drastically changes as a horde of mysterious invaders razes his village to the ground. Especially traumatic this experience gets when Henry observes his dear parents getting brutally slain.

Alas, but such are the side effects of any geopolitical drama on which the game is based upon. The country is torn apart by a feud of two step-brothers fighting over the throne, and Henry has nothing else to do but mature from a lovely village chump to a fierce and fearless warrior.

The gameplay includes:

  • Fights – fist-fights, sword-fights, etc. It’s important to know that the more punches you throw, the better you fight.
  • Dialogs – it’s my personal nightmare. I mean the voice-acting is superb, but the game turns into a soap-opera with you having to sit through countless chit-chats and negotiations. The outcome of a dialog may differ depending on what you command Henry to say though.
  • Lockpicking – that’s the stealth-action element. And I hate it. It’s just so time-consuming and has very awkward mechanics that eventually you’ll have to pray it works out next time.
  • Trading – buy/sell items some of which are pivotal to completing a mission. In KCD you can also bargain.
  • Personal grooming – peasants and noble lords will treat you differently, depending on how you look. That’s why you’ll have to patch your clothes and visit brothels bathhouses to maintain your status.
  • Quests – at one point Henry will have to preach a sermon being in a state of severe hangover.

Don’t forget that Henry needs to eat and drink like any other human otherwise his stamina and health will quickly deteriorate. 

Controls: 4.5

As agile as a bear

The mechanics imitate IRL movements as good as possible, which is exasperating sometimes.

At first, Henry is weak and clumsy, and later he’ll be able to deal with a bunch of marauders solo. But before you achieve this level of combat prowess, you’ll gnash your teeth repeatedly.

At least the archery part of the game doesn’t force you to practice for hours – it’s more or less automated.

Replay Value: 5

Believe it or not but despite some technical flaws this game is highly addictive.

It desperately tries to become a substitute for reality and immerses you into the authentic Middle Ages world. You can play Farkle in a tavern, do a brain-twisting quest or just explore the world in a free-roam mode.

Whatever you do, it’ll make you feel like a time-traveler lost in a beautiful old legend.


Like a skilled funambulist, Kingdom Come cautiously maintains a balance between historical accuracy and pure fun.

It still needs to do some error-fixing – glitches, bugs, etc. – but it also has a beguiling plotline and an unforgettable atmosphere, not to mention a colossal in-game map.

Despite critics/haters grouching, Kingdom Come is a milestone in the gaming industry. Amen to that.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a refreshing game that is both a probable trend-setter and a history lesson you wouldn’t want to skip.

Pros : Very captivating
Authentic atmosphere
Teary drama and mighty humor

Cons : Average graphics
Too many dialogs
A bit clumsy mechanics

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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