Light Fingers

  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Developer: Numizmatic
  • Publisher: Numizmatic
  • Genre: Action ,  Puzzle ,  Misc
  • Content rating: ESRB Rating Pending
  • Features: class="num-of-players">up to 4 players

Light Fingers description

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Official Game Description

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What do skulking thieves do after a night of procuring shady spoils? They gather at a favor-ite tavern and wager it away on a friendly game of Light Fingers! Played on a magical clockworks game board, this turn-based multiplayer game has real-time action and devious opportunities for misdirection, all in the pursuit of securing more loot than your opponents. After all, bragging rights for the most deft are the greatest steal of all.

  • A great pickup-up and play game for you and your closest frenemies.
  • A beautifully imagined game board that unfolds a detailed miniature world as players take their turns.
  • Competitive action events test players’ reflexes and cunning.

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