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Thea: The Awakening is a turn-based strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity set after an apocalyptic force known only as The Darkness has engulfed the world. There are Strigas and Baba Yagas aplenty, but there are no heroes, no monster slayers, and no great armies capable of banishing them. You have only a few hopeless and starving survivors who are desperately trying to stay alive. You are their last and only true hope!

The game combines turn-based strategic gameplay with the tension and grit of a rogue-like, a captivating story you can uncover through a series of in-game events, and a unique combat system based on a complex card battle game.

The wide range of gameplay features allows you to proceed through the world of Thea the way you prefer. You can choose to stay in your village and build up defenses, or you can go out and explore the world. Conflicts can be resolved through assassination, stealth, diplomacy, hunting, and various other ways depending on the skills your people possess. Fighting is not your only solution to conflict!

Choose your game style and save your people from the Darkness!

Key Features:

– Survival game in a dark fantasy setting with hexagonal turn-based strategic gameplay!
– Huge procedural world to explore each play-through is a new adventure!
– Village management with a variety of structures to build, upgrades and technologies to discover, and items to craft!
– Over 4400 items that you can craft in your village or gather in the games world!
– Expeditions in which each member carries his or her gear and gains experience in battle, improving abilities like collecting resources, diplomacy, healing, black magic, and dozens more!
– Over 200 non-linear story events that can grant you riches or deprive you of all your goods including life!
– Exciting card battle game system that can be resolved by combat, diplomacy, curses, and more!
– Over 100 types of deadly creatures, many inspired by Slavic Mythology!
– Procedural creature instances Each creature, even in a swarm of spiders, has its own skills and stats!
– Day & night cycle influence gameplay Villagers can better recognize threats from afar during the day, and creatures become more aggressive at night!
– Multiple game endings depending on your choices with rewards and unlocks carrying over to your next play-through!

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