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  • Release date: 1/18/2020
  • Developer: The Imagination Station
  • Genre: Misc
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Features:
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The Imagination Station

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Istation Review: Progressive Learning Without Tutors

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Professional Review

Istation is an educational application for people eager to sharpen their wits and involve in a range of developing exercises. With its versatile tasks and activities, the app allows you to improve your arithmetic skills, improve reading, learn a new language, and spend your time usefully.

Design — 3.5/5

Though the app doesn’t have the most sophisticated interface, it’s very handy and simple to use. Made to simplify learning, the app is a game-based platform where children get to learn while playing. Each exercise is a separate game with its controls and goals that learners can accomplish by choosing the right option by pressing on-screen buttons.

Colorful and interesting settings allow children to get involved in the educational process. Without having to spend too much time getting in a game, the users get clear and precise instructions on every task, which makes it more enjoyable.

Usability — 4/5

Studying in the app can be both individual and in groups. If you want your child to learn at home, you can install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet and get it started right away. On the other hand, the app works well as an educational tool in a teacher’s hands. By creating a moderator’s profile and sharing it with your students, you can create a remote interactive platform for learning and practice.

Every student’s individual progress is displayed in their own private profile. There, you can watch their ups and downs, thus identifying topics and subjects to work on. After accomplishing tasks, this free-of-charge app backs up the student’s data to your account, providing you graphs, knowledge assessment, and tips for improving certain skills.

You can print out or share the information on each student with your colleagues or parents. This way, you’re always able to control a student’s progress without having to spend too much time on individual knowledge evaluations.

Features — 5/5

The app offers such pre-k subjects as reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, math, and Spanish. Every subject is tested and practiced with a multitude of interactive exercises that are fun and easy for even the youngest children.

To assess a student’s progress, you can enter your moderation mode where you get full-scale statistics. There, different graphs and summaries will help you choose the best ways of approaching each student’s study needs.

Also, it provides a whole range of free study resources available online. By utilizing them during your classwork, you can improve the methods, approach, and relevance of teaching.

In-App Purchase — 5/5

Because the app is made for state and private school purposes, it’s completely free of charge and doesn’t require a subscription. Free and unlimited, it can be used both for a whole class of students and for home-schooling.

The Bottom Line

Download Istation to improve your child’s school records without having them tutored.


The app might be a bit rough and sharp-cornered in its design, but it does possess real educational value. By including this app’s use in your child’s daily study routine, you can achieve excellent results in teaching them the basics. Also, it’s suitable for primary and middle school curriculums for more advanced learners to practice and learn both at home and school.

Pros : Free-to-use;
Hundreds of educational exercises;
Parent and teacher control;
Quick assessment system;

Cons : Somewhat buggy;
For certain ages only.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.4

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