Realm Royale

  • Release date: 6/4/2018
  • Developer: Heroic Leap Games
  • Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Genre: Action ,  Free to Play ,  Early Access ,  Shooter ,  Massively Multiplayer
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish – Spain
  • Features: Multi-player, Online Multi-Player, Partial Controller Support

Realm Royale Review: New Promising Battle Royale Game

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Professional Review

Amanda Russell

14 reviews on HammerGamer

Realm Royale is a new Battle Royale 3rd person shooter game by Heroic Leap Games. According to Tracker Network, this game has almost reached the 5 million players border. Similarly to other games of the genre, you have to fight to become the last man standing out of 100 players. You can download Realm Royale for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for free.

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Graphics – 4.5/5

Realm Royale game is designed based on Unreal Engine 4 graphical core, and the game designers decided to use the style that is very close to Fortnite. The reason for that is clear – everyone wants to have at least a small slice of the 200 million players pie. On the other hand, Realm Royale is not a clone and has many unique features.

Gameplay – 5/5

Realm Royale gameplay has many common features with PUBG and Fortnite. Every gaming session in the game requires 100 participants. You can choose to play for one of 4 character classes, such as Hi-Tek Trooper (Assault Warrior), Radon Flux (Mage), Cyber Rider (Hunter), and the Six Shot Cyborg (Assassin). Such a bright team of characters is hilarious, ridiculous and charming at the same time.

Same goes to the in-game transport. You can ride horses, various alive and mechanical dinosaurs, and motorcycles from TRON universe. This mashup could be nonsense, but not in this case. Realm Royale Battle Royale game is incredibly involving. Though everything is so fable, you can feel yourself a part of the game when you get accustomed to controls.

The fortification building feature from Fortnite is also presented in this game but in a less important position. You can build walls to shield yourself from enemy fire. You can also set walls to create obstacles for transport.

Another hilarious feature is chicken-death. When you hit out all health points of your enemy, it turns into a clumsy chicken. However, it still has a chance to run away, so you have to chase it and finish.

Controls – 5/5

The controls in the game are typical for a 3rd person online shooters. You can choose a standard layout for keyboard and controllers, or create a custom one for higher playability. If you play the PC version from Steam, you can use either a keyboard or a gamepad from Xbox One or other PC-compatible devices.

Replay Value – 5/5

The Battle Royale genre is a wonder in terms of replayability. You have to play against different people, again and again, match after match, but it doesn’t become boring at all. You can customize your character with thousands of items. It’s also important to say in this Realm Royale review, that you raise your class level. There is no such feature in other games of the genre. The more competitive you become, the more exciting the game becomes.

The Bottom Line

Realm Royale is an excellent deathmatch online shooter for those gamers who lack a fairytale mode for Fortnite. It has all tested features and a few unique ones. It’s also definitely the funniest online shooter on the market.


Download Realm Royale and stand against cyborgs, mages, riders, and warriors in a classic Battle Royale scenario.

Pros : Smooth UE 4 graphics and physics;
Unique customizable character classes;
It’s free to play;
100 players per session.

Cons : Very similar to Fortnite;
Many bots.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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