Paint the Town Red

  • Release date: 10/12/2015
  • Developer: South East Games
  • Publisher: South East Games
  • Genre: Action ,  Indie ,  Early Access
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player, Multi-player, Online Multi-Player, Co-op, Online Co-op, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Full controller support, Steam Workshop, Steam Leaderboards, Includes level editor
  • Requirements: View details

Paint the Town Red Game Review: bloody and violent indie with a bit of fun

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Professional Review

Lacey Francis

8 reviews on HammerGamer

Paint the Town Red is a deadly indie game that offers you to paint the town red with the opponents’ blood literally. You will play from the first-person perspective in this melee combat.

There will be lots of face-to-face fights where you’ll need to defeat your enemy by many different means. You can select both single and multiplayer modes for playing. The exciting hours full of tense combats are guaranteed. Download Paint the Town Red click the button “Get Game”.

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Graphics — 4/5

Paint the Town Red is not looking as a typical combat game regarding its graphics. It combines the visuals common for sandboxes such as Minecraft and some high-quality 3D games.

The pixelated characters and surroundings will often be stained with blood. Though there is a lot of violence in the game, you won’t feel scared or offended due to the cartoonish visual performance.

Gameplay — 4/5

This is a sandbox combat game wherein you need to bash your enemies to the core. You need to fight fiercely and remain the only one who keeps on his feet. Of course, there will be a lot of blood from broken skulls to paint the town red.

You have multiple options to keep yourself safe from the similar dangers. Use various objects like a hammer, a chair, a knife, an ashtray, and anything you find in your vicinity to beat the opponent.

The victory recipe is simple: do not fall under the same crushing blows, keep more rooms and be a little more nimble than everyone else. You will find it is not as difficult as the enemies are clumsy like zombies and time in the Paint the Town Red flows extremely slowly. There are many moments to move around and grab something from the table and to attack your enemies with not bare hands but with some heavy or sharp object. Lethal weapons are also available in the game. You can carry out fist fights on numerous occasions such as the bar, the gym, colleges, and so on.

There is even more fun in a multiplayer mode which is called the Arena mode. It adds new exciting challenges to the game every week. When you proceed in the game, you will gain rewards for it. In this mode, you can compare your score on the leaderboard against other players from around the world. If you are a fan of the genre, you will be excited by the gameplay for sure.

Controls — 4/5

Your one and only task in the game is to bash your enemies with your full might. So the controls are developed especially for completing this mission. All the commands are meant to hit different objects and punches into enemies’ faces. With the left mouse click, you can activate the attack. And with the right mouse click, you can block the attack.

With different keys, you can pick up the weapons and manage some other needed manipulations. For example, E is for picking items, G is for dropping objects, F is for throwing.

You will find the controls rather straightforward, but anyway, some time is needed to get used to them.

Replay Value — 4/5

The replay value of Paint the Town Red highly depends on your expectations. For the sandbox combat games fans, you would love to devote your time to this game, it will be an outstanding gaming experience, for sure. For those who are not in combat games, the game may seem boring as is doesn’t appeal with graphics or interesting plot.


Paint the Town Red can be somewhat engaging if you are into combat games. It offers some innovative options, for example, the Arena mode, leaderboard rankings, multiplayer co-op modes for those players who value fighting games. It can become your unlimited source of entertainment, but not for a long time.  

The endless Arena mode gives you an opportunity to explore the game map without any restrictions. Hence, the interactions differ considerably. 


Download Paint the Town Red at Hammer Gamer. Is the game with early access that lets you free some violence and beat the opponents with any object you can find in your vicinity.

Pros : Plenty of weapons to choose from and lots of fighting abilities
Multiplayer and single modes both supported
Endless possibilities of the Arena mode

Cons : The gameplay may seem repetitive and monotonous
Graphics are rather poor for this genre

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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