My Friend Pedro

  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Genre: Action ,  Indie ,  Shooter
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player, Partial Controller Support
  • Requirements: View details

My Friend Pedro Review: Spectacular Stunt Shooter

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Professional Review

Isabella Foster

13 reviews on HammerGamer

My Friend Pedro is an action-packed video game in the style that is described as shoot ‘em all up. The acrobatic sequences of killings make this violent ballet title a really special shooter type. The game is relatively new, it came out on 20 June 2019, and you can easily download My Friend Pedro if you have Windows 7 and higher with a 64-bit processor.

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Graphics 4/5

Such type of action games as My Friend Pedro is expected to present a great picture, which should be realistic and not too cartoonish. Well, we can say that the graphics of this game did live to our expectations. If there are certain things that could be improved, you just don’t notice them, because you have so much fun playing.

Gameplay 4/5

My Friend Pedro is a score-attack game in which you need to kill everyone and avoid getting shot. That might sound like a typical shooter but the game is special because you need to find creative Matrix-like ways to obliterate enemies on your path. You have to do it all very fast to maximize your score.

Bullet time is the main feature on which the game is built on. The mechanics are not original but the implementation is fantastic. We truly enjoyed the slowing down of the action that enhances unbelievably wild stunts that the character performs. It feels so cool when you swing on a rope, get into the window (and that might be in slow motion), and shoot several enemies almost at once mid-air. You really get to feel like you’re a superhero and the whole process takes your breath away until you say “wow”.

The game lacks in terms of a captivating story but it makes up for in the great action gameplay. You’ll find yourself moving through the game at a very quick pace while the sound effects and music contribute to the reputation of My Friend Pedro as a really nice deadly-dancing simulator.

Controls 4/5

The game might be difficult to master if you don’t get to find out how to control all those stunts, rolling, jumping, and pirouetting properly in the beginning. You will also need to sink into the variety of weapons but, of course, once you go through the initial stage, you will start to truly enjoy being a cool Deadpool-type dangerous killer guy.  

Replay Value 5/5

If you’re a fan of side-scrolling shooters, after a few sessions you will feel that you can’t get enough of the game. The more you play, the more you get submerged in the atmosphere of a spectacular killing dance. We can say in our My Friend Pedro review that you won’t find yourself getting bored for a long time.

The Bottom Line

We absolutely love the whole concept of the game and in general, the idea is well-executed. Very quickly it becomes obvious that the game is really well-done and performing deadly stunts is a sheer joy. Your imagination gets tested while your heart is kept pumping throughout the session, so a proper thrill is guaranteed.  


My Friend Pedro is a really fun-filled action game, which can engage you for hours right after you try to make your very first stunts. If you want to give this cool adventure a whirl, download My Friend Pedro today and enjoy this exciting game.

Pros : Fast-paced creative shooter;
Great music and quality graphics;
You’re encouraged to use your imagination;
You get an opportunity to do what superheroes do.

Cons : Some players might find the game too short;
The scoring system might be inconsistent at times.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.3

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