Hitman: Blood Money

  • Release date: 5/29/2006
  • Developer: Io-Interactive A/S
  • Publisher: Io-Interactive A/S
  • Genre: Action
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player
  • Requirements: View details

Hitman: Blood Money Review: The Classic Story of Agent 47

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Professional Review

Isabella Foster

13 reviews on HammerGamer

Hitman: Blood Money is a 3rd person stealth-action game that tells the story of a professional killer who struggles to figure out who he is. During the game, you have to complete difficult stealth missions and try not to make noise to achieve a high score. Originally, the game was available for Xbox, PlayStation 2. Today you can download Hitman: Blood Money remaster for PS 3/4 and Xbox One. The original version for Windows is still available on Steam.

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Graphics – 4.5/5

Hitman: Blood Money game was released by IO Interactive in 2006, and it provided breakthrough graphics and physics. Of course, it’s not as realistic as modern franchises, but still extremely immersive even after 13 years. The noir atmosphere of assassins life is very imposing.

Gameplay – 5/5

Hitman: Blood Money gameplay is a classic example of excellent stealth action. Though the game is very old, it offers an incredibly wide range of options for completing missions. You always have a choice to eliminate all enemies using knives, a garrote, a pistol with a silencer, or a tranquilizer syringe. If you don’t want to plan complicated silent assassinations, you can always start a massacre with submachine guns and explosives. It’s up for you to decide which way is more fun.

However, you won’t get high stats for failing disguise. It’s important to give you advice in this Hitman: Blood Money review. The whole game is about a silent assassin. His philosophy requires him to be inconspicuous. That’s why you’d better use his professional skills to the full. It’s hard to describe how fun it is!

To become unrecognizable, you can kill or neutralize enemies and take their clothes. If you got noticed by a surveillance camera, you can find the security office and destroy the CCTV system or just steal the cassette. In other cases, you can distract enemies with various maneuvers or kill them unnoticed.

Controls – 5/5

Hitman: Blood Money controls are rather similar to all 3rd person shooters. You have to use traditional WASD for moving and a mouse for navigation and actions, such as shooting and hitting. The shooting scheme in the game is very realistic. In some missions, you may even notice that wind leads your bullets away from the target.

Replay Value – 4.5/5

Hitman: Blood Money full game walkthrough requires time and patience. However, it’s very exciting to take attempts to complete missions differently to discover other scenarios. Unfortunately, there is no co-op mode. It could be fascinating to apply various command strategies.

The Bottom Line

Hitman: Blood Money is one of the best stealth games in the history of video games. After 13 years it is still a perfect simulator of a hitman. It provides a very authentic noir experience without any obvious approaches to missions.


Download Hitman: Blood Money to experience one of the best stealth actions in the history of video games.

Pros : Great graphics as for a game from 2006;
Incredibly immersive gameplay;
Various ways to complete missions;
Nonbanal plot.

Cons : No multiplayer and coop mode;
It might be too old for young players.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.8

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