GTA 5 Review: Most Sold RPG Ever!

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Amanda Russell

14 reviews on HammerGamer

Think of a game that has the biggest fandom worldwide. Probably, you will say GTA, and it’s absolutely right! Especially talking about the last part. 3 main characters, loads of weapons and grand thefts are waiting for you in this huge mad sandbox loved by millions worldwide! GTA 5 downloading is available for PC, PS4/3, XBOX 360/ One and Switch.

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Graphics — 5/5

GTA 5 was released 6 years ago, but it’s still one of the best looking games ever. High-resolution texture in collaboration with Rockstar firm engine RAGE produces a very realistic image. Developers worked days and nights to make it look and feel like real life, and they succeed. Oh, how great it is to ride the highway on the sunset. The landscape is so thoroughly depicted, that you can’t stand, but make screenshots to set them as wallpapers. Of course, Switch hardware is less powerful, than PS4, but still on the high level.

Gameplay — 5/5

This game is a great example of a perfect user interface and, as a result, user experience. Unlike previous parts, GTA 5 has quite a long introduction and doesn’t let you rush to discover the world from the start. However, when it finally does you literally feel the freedom floating in the air.

Designers added realistic traffic, which relevantly changes from place to place. People behave naturally and have the most realistic physical models due to unique Euphoria engine, that was first applied in GTA 4.

You are given 3 characters: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. All of them are endowed with unique abilities. Trevor has rabies attack, which allows him to do double damage and become twice tenacious. Playing Michael you can switch the slow-motion mode to aim precisely. Michael is team’s best driver, he can use slow-motion to be more manoeuvre.

All these features make GTA 5 one of the most deeply worked virtual open worlds ever. Thrilling story and the freedom of action make a perfect formula. If you’re not satisfied with that, go to multiplayer and have some additional brain-wrecking fun.

Controls — 4/5

All actions go absolutely smooth. Driving is very convenient, but cars have minor problems with turning. It’s not a big problem and adds some fun, so go play Gran Turismo or Forza if you lack precision.

Shooting. On consoles, you can choose “help with aiming” or “auto-aim” to have maximum fun. For some hardcore, you can switch help off and get used to sticking aiming.

Replay Value — 5/5

This GTA 5 Review looks too perfect, isn’t it? Well, it isn’t. You just have to try it. Such basic game activities as riding and shooting are completely unable to start being annoying. You can even avoid completing missions and have endless hours of travelling, fighting random bastards and getting surprised by things that wait for you behind the corner. Multiplayer mode will bring you twice of that, but with real people behind characters, who mess around simultaneously. Gorgeous!


Advanced graphics, hilarious plot, unexpectable twists, 3 cool characters, customizable cars and weapons, vast diverse universe, South Coast, GTA 5! It’s difficult to say something bad about it. It’s really bad for your grandma, because you can chop people up here without any restrictions. Everything looks like real, but with your hands untied. It became more insane than ever. In every aspect. Join 90 million community and let the massacre begin!



It is the biggest media project in history, so it would be a big mistake to skip such an epochal creation. Download GTA 5 today. You won’t regret!

Pros : Cool graphics and physics;
Perfectly worked plot;
Detailed world;
Huge multiplayer community;
It’s GTA, man.

Cons : Switch graphics lag behind PC;
It’s not very comfortable to aim without helpers.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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