Clustertruck Review: The Brand New Kind of Platformer

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Isabella Foster

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Clustertruck is a 1st person 3D platformer game by Landfall Games in which you have to jump over unstoppably rushing trucks and survive multiple dramatic road accidents. You have to use your dexterity, attentiveness, and help the character to keep running. You can download Clustertruck for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Nvidia Shield TV.

Graphics – 4/5

The quality of graphics depends on a platform. Top gaming platforms perform well, the game looks very smooth and deep, though it lacks a bit of detail. The worst picture, as usual, belongs to Nintendo Switch. Developers of all Switch ports are pushed to lower the quality because of the slow hardware. On the other hand, the difference is not fatal like it is in the case with ARK Survival.

Gameplay – 5/5

The title of the Clustertruck game is a play on the slang word “clusterf*ck” that means “a situation when everything went terribly wrong accidentally.” It perfectly describes Clustertruck gameplay.

During every level, you have to control a character to perform daredevil parkour and jump over the lines of riding trucks. Even with the mediocre graphics, the process looks very impressing. The reason for that is simple. This is the only game on the market where you can see rushing trucks that crash in canyons and fly from cliffs without any explainable reason. It looks like a joke, but it’s a very fascinating and highly addictive joke.

To finish a level, you must avoid landing on any objects except trucks, or you will fail the whole progress. At the end you every stage you score points for time and the number of tricks. You can use points to purchase various perks, such as power-jump or a running booster. These things will help you to complete new levels as well as to break high scores in previous ones.

Controls – 5/5

Tests on PC and Xbox One were done for this Clustertruck review to figure out the difference between gamepad and keyboard controls. Both layouts require you to use navigation, and a couple of buttons for jumps, so it’s effortless to learn. The most difficult thing is to catch timings.

Replay Value – 4.5/5

The Clustertruck latest version includes 9 sets of 10 levels. It’s almost impossible to pass each of them without fail, so the game is quite a long-lasting experience. If you feel that you want more levels after the full walkthrough, try downloading custom levels from the user-library or create your own.

The Bottom Line

Clustertruck is an excellent cross-platform time killer that can match the taste of any gamer who likes arcades, platformers or runners. It’s one of the most impressive games amongst all 3D platformers.


Download Clustertruck to get one of the most fun indie platformers of all times. It’s spectacular and challenging at the same time.

Pros : 90 levels hundreds of free custom levels;
Very unusual setting;
Atmospheric lighting;
Exciting physical puzzles;
Spectacular truck crashes.

Cons : Not the best graphics on Switch;
No multiplayer.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.6

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