Upcoming Games Hot Enough to Heat Up Your Winter

If we were to make a Top-10 reasons why Earth is better than Westeros, we’d have to mention that we don’t need to be reminded that winter is coming. Neither do game developers, so they have prepared quite a lot for us to spend winter nights at. The upcoming games include brand new titles as well as remakes and sequels; action games, arcades, strategies and so on, offered for different platforms.

Hope you find one you’ll spend much time with, as a good company. For obvious reasons, we cannot provide a really detailed review for any of these, but you can be sure that they are worth your time.

Fallout 76

Scheduled on November 14th, this game by Bethesda has already gained many fans while available as a beta version. It’s just what Fallout series has always been about: nuclear post-apocalypse world, where virtually anything happens, except for safety. Well, you’ve had some, spending 20 years in Vault 76, but it’s time to venture out to see what West Virginia looks like in 2102.

This time the developers have reinvented the rules. While the previous Fallout installments offered you the world full of NPCs, with you as a single acting character, this time it’s an online multiplayer. Not that it’s bad to have other players around, but it means more competition and less narrative.

Well, anyway, there’ll still need a lot to explore, a lot of enemies to fight, and you can even launch a nuclear missile! Heh, this world just can’t experience a greater hit since then.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What if an elephant fights a whale? That childish question maybe has inspired Nintendo to launch its Super Smash Bros series, where all the favorite characters from Nintendo games meet, greet, and beat to meat each other. The Ultimate installment is about to show what these games should look like in 2018, with a great roster of characters and downloadable updates for at least a year after.

The game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, with no plans to port it elsewhere yet. It’s a real fest for Nintendo fans, as it features all the characters from previous installments and adds some new ones. It took years to get them all balanced and licensed, but the time has come.

We’ll remind you that your mission is to get your opponent off the stage. Players will be able to fight with their own abilities, summon assistants (including Pokémon) and use Spirits to raise the stats. The traditional rock-paper-scissors mechanics of tricks is still there. But we’re even more curious to see how it works with any particular fighter.

Kingdom Hearts III

When Square Enix meets Disney, the fairytale gets darker. It’s still a role-playing game with princesses, magic, and cartoon heroes. Here comes our beloved Sora again, all surrounded by Disney classical characters, to save the world again by finding seven keys. They’ll encounter endless magic and fight a lot of enemies on their way (what else can we expect?)

Heh, it’s been more than one era since the previous Kingdom Hearts release. The fans might adore its new graphical splendor as well as dislike it for not being the same again. But it’s still worth your time, at least for these 3D Mickey and Goofy you’ve probably never seen like that. And there is Jack Sparrow. Sorry: Captain Jack Sparrow!

The game will be out on January 25/29, 2019.

Battlefield V

Among these upcoming games, Battlefield V is the candidate at the biggest risk. The war simulating action games have hit the market in excess lately, and it seems hard for Battlefield developers to offer something new. Though, in fact, they have made up something.

The new Battlefield will offer more realism and less abstraction (though some level of it will be kept for obvious reasons). You can experience prolonged war campaigns, made of seamlessly joined levels. You’ll be able to create multiple characters and send them to fight as a Company. If there’s up to four of you, you can join in a tactical group and coordinate while fulfilling your mission.

It seems to be one of the best upcoming games based on World War II material, there’s no doubt. It’s rather a time to wonder whether players will response to the idea. But, according to promo videos, it’s at least worth trying.

The release date is set on November, 20. So prepare free space on your consoles, and get to know whether PS4 is better than Xbox One, as this type of USA vs. Japan is much better anyway.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED studio is, first of all, loved for The Witcher series. Its take on cyberpunk seems to be just as interesting and cynical as its view of the fantasy genre in The Witcher. Yet this genre is much darker, so the developers will have to make the tech higher, and the life lower, to reach the effect they usually offer.

So welcome to the dystopian Night City! You’re a mercenary with customizable appearance, gender, body types, and bodmods, let alone clothes and haircut – that is, even more flexible than T-1000. But it means that your enemy will be just as hi-techy and advanced. It’s a cruel cynical world, with social, technological and moral changes that didn’t bring happiness but brought a lot of wondering. The game shines neon, LEDs and gun steel, and it seems that it brings new futuristic standards.

The game will be out somewhere in 2019, but the exact date hasn’t been announced yet. It will be playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Last of Us Part II

And here comes another post-apocalyptic adventure story. In the world where it gets you the epidemic of a fungi-inspired illness took place, and so the civilization had been pushed back. So prepare for another survival horror with nothing to hide and no dark side to stay concealed.

This time it’s mostly about hate. The characters grow and get their feet firmer on the ground, knowing that cruelty is the best type of mercy. The story is focused on survival, and Ellie who got older now has to get out of the conflict with some mysterious cult in the post-apocalyptic US. The fanatics aren’t to be reasoned with; they are to be fought. The release date hasn’t been announced yet. But the game will be released exclusively for PS4.

Resident Evil 2

Oh, here comes the first remake on our list. It’s not as commonplace as in cinema nowadays, but still, some old games survive the procedure well. Resident Evil 2 is to be remade and re-released in 2019, so the new generation of players (and those who thought of RE as a movie primarily) can revisit Raccoon City and walk in Claire’s shoes and whatever else she wears along the zombified town.

While the plot hasn’t changed much, the visual part is revamped completely. Now it’s a third-person view game, with dynamic sound sources and more realistic approach in graphics.

The game is to be released on January 25, 2019. It gets dark early enough to provide the right level of ambience, so you may already schedule your winter night hours.

Devil May Cry 5

A potential Resident Evil spinoff has fleshed out mystics and superheroes and turned to be a success that lasts. The fifth installment will apply the performance power of 2018 to the original concept (that hasn’t gone far in the existing four). Being a demon hunter takes a lot of skills, and mystic creatures are as vulnerable as physical ones.

We’ll still meet Dante and Nero, and the demonic world will still surround them, but you’re here to keep them from failures. The gameplay hasn’t changed much, except for the environment: it’s even more interactive, that is, destructible, but not only. The way you fight affects anything, including the music you hear. The developers also reviewed and simplified the controls system, so you’ll have to rely on your skills rather than just mechanic memory.

The release date is set on March 8, 2019. It’s also known that the most eager gamers can purchase the most complete bundle for $8.600!

Pokémon for Nintendo Switch

As if there’s never been a Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch! Well, as it paradoxically turns out, this console has been missing the core one, and now it’s about to hit this limited but grateful market.

Unlike all spinoff titles, this one is developed by Game Freak. But there’s little to be told about this game before more detailed official trailers and teasers are available. It’s been announced that the players will keep their old Pokémon from other games, that means, they have an integrated storage bank. But it’s not clear whether it will support a cross-device compatibility (like Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee has with mobile Pokémon Go).

Anyway, this title is worth the wait, so let’s track the news. We hope they have already established the release date (or will soon).

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The good old platformer genre isn’t leaving. There are new titles as well as good old ones returning, like Spyro series. The main character is a small dragon, too small to be hit by a curse by the enemy. Now he is the only hope for all of his kin. Together with a dragonfly Spyro flies through the magic world and sets other dragons free.

The story was successful enough to give birth to two sequels, a lot of additional content, and even now the original game of 1998 is still remembered. As the publisher claims, there’s no remaking of this game, and the remastering will affect it but a little bit. The mission of reissuing is to make the classic platformer game available on new hardware.

It will be available on November 13, 2018. So here’s the first one to light up the fall when it starts getting cold. Dragons are good at exhaling fire, you know.

So is the gaming industry, setting us on fire with at least ten most expected games for the upcoming season. Keep track of the ones you can’t wait to launch on your console, and share what you think or it.

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