5 Best PS4 Games Of 2018: Top Of The Heap

5 Best PS4 Games Of 2018: Top Of The Heap on Blog

We have been fans of Sony PlayStation 4 games for over five years. We love the gameplay, graphics, unique features, gaming experience, and everything about it. A lot of games, which are legendary in the history of video games, have been released for PS4.

So how has the powerful next-generation gaming console surprised us this year? Let's see the overview of the best PS4 Games of 2018.

1. The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit - Mind Over Matter

In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Game, we play as a ten-year-old boy named Chris. The boy has a vivid imagination. Almost every action becomes much more spectacular in his head than it is. Toys battle with each other, the dinosaur attacks. Even a shutdown of the water heater turns into a pacifying dangerous monster.

Over time, you begin to understand, why Chris is trying to hide in a fictional world. The reality is not pleasant. The little boy misses his mother. He lives in a tiny house with his father, who constantly drinks beer and watches TV.

This game differs from other games of Life is Strange. When you touch the touchpad on the gamepad, you see tasks. You need to find materials for a superhero costume, defeat a snowman monster and so on.


  • An exciting story;
  • Fun tasks;
  • A lot of notes and letters with references to the first part and hints of a sequel;
  • Improved graphics.


  • You can not cancel game decisions.

2. What Remains of Edith Finch

Being the last of the Finch family, Edith returns to an abandoned house: she wants to unravel the mystery. Does her family have a curse? Or is everything happened to her relatives an accident? She holds the key to the hidden door that her mother gave her. Earlier Edith was forbidden to come in half of the rooms, but now it's time to sort things out.

The game consists of two parts: exploring the house and plunging into memories. The gameplay reproduces the last minutes, hours or days of Edith`s ancestors. The stories are great. Showing what happened with the family members, the game tells about their thoughts, fantasies and life stories. The game discloses a dozen characters for a couple of hours of play. That makes the game exciting and addictive.


  • A beautiful and emotional anthology of tales;
  • Impeccable writing and presentation;
  • Touching stories told in unique ways.


  • Occasional frame stutter.

3. God of War (2018)

God of War begins sadly: Kratos and his little son walking through the forest in search of a log suitable for the funeral pyre of Kratos` deceased wife. After the bloody fun in Greece, the son of Zeus went to the north in search of a peaceful life and human happiness. He found what he was looking for, but it was a temporary peace. For several years Kratos managed to hide his identity, but once a stranger appears at his door. It is a representative of the Scandinavian pantheon, whose intentions are far from being friendly.

A short, spectacular battle with the unexpected enemy becomes the starting point of a fantastic adventure. Kratos takes his talkative son and a Leviathan, a magical artifact, on the journey. The touching goal of the widowed Kratos is to dispel the wife's ashes at the top of the highest mountain.


  • Leviathan, a magic weapon that can return into the mighty hands of Kratos after throwing;
  • Touching story;
  • Spectacular battles;
  • One-shot shooting;
  • Outstanding soundtrack by Bear McCreary;
  • Exciting worlds.


  • sometimes it is not clear if you have the right tool for an enemy.

4. Bloodborne

Tonight the city is filled with hordes of monsters. Some areas have already been abandoned. People with torches walk around the downtown and burn huge stuffed animals at stake. It’s time for hunters to go out from their shelters. You are one of those hunters, and you are sick. Thus, you need to find medicine and try to survive.

The game is mysterious and devilishly complex. Here you need to move through confusing locations, killing enemies. Almost all the enemies are busy with something. They are dancing at balls, patrolling yards, praying to their gods. The weakest opponent can kill you with a couple of strokes if you treat him with disdain. And the "boss" will surely kill you ten or even twenty times before you defeat him.

Stylistically, this is without a doubt the strongest game of From Software: everything looks convincing here. Colorful locals with pitchforks and axes are pacing the streets. Sometimes huge monsters appear from around the corner. The amount of details scattered throughout the level is enormous. "Bosses" - completely unknown vile creatures, usually much larger than the main character.


  • Dynamic battles;
  • A high cost of error;
  • Delightful work with sound;
  • The stunning design of everything.


  • Ugly long downloads.

5. Celeste

The main heroine Madeline goes to the high mountain to climb to its top, and you won't learn why until later on. She tries to overcome depression, seeks to conquer her fears and achieve the impossible. The gameplay is perfect. It consists of full-risk levels. Also, the game makes you feel empathy, which is the least you expect from such a platformer.

Madeline meets a few secondary characters on her way, but the dialogues almost never interrupt the gameplay. Usually, Madeline talks to other people at the beginning and the end of chapters. And you are looking forward to every new dialogue - it's curious how the story ends. The game is worth it - the adventure finishes admirably, and the final episodes are firmly embedded in the memory.

But the main thing in Celeste is, of course, multiple levels, and there are several hundred levels in the game. The game has not just a set of locations, but vast areas where the rooms are connected to each other. So, there is always a straight road to the finish, but if you want you can turn off the road and visit extra areas.

Speedrunners, who keep a map of each episode in their heads, will surely like the Celeste. The menu shows in how many minutes you managed to complete a certain level.


  • Hardcore, excellent level design;
  • Very convenient controls;
  • Chic musical accompaniment;
  • An unusual story for the genre, causing unexpected emotions;
  • A lot of bonus content outside the storyline.

Cons: Not detected.


PlayStation 4 is the best-selling and powerful gaming console this generation for a reason. It has an absolutely wonderful library of games. Such games as Celeste, Bloodborne, Onrush, Monster Hunter: World, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus passed on down the tradition of gaming history, giving a gaming experience like never before.

Which games in our list do you like the most? Leave your comments below and share your opinion with us!

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