How to Download Sims 3 Without Origin

How to play Sims 3 Without Origin? This issue has been a source of frustration for many Simmers for a while now. The so-called Origin, which serves as a download manager, doesn’t allow people enjoy their Sims 3 time if there’s no active internet connectivity. As a result, many a weekend has been ruined. And no official solution from EA or Maxis has been seen so far.

This is why we’ve prepared a short guide on how to play Sims 3 without Origin. We’ve collected every way possible and hopefully one of them works for you.

1. Take no Risk, Get a DISK

Game CDs may seem to be something archaic, an anachronism today. But a Sims 3 disk may actually set you free from the Origin tyranny. Here’s what you can do if you’ve downloaded and already have Sims 3 on your computer:

1)      Get a physical copy of the game.

2)      Delete Sims 3 using IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner, etc.

3)      Completely reset your OS. But don’t forget to back up all important data.

4)      Switch off your Wi-Fi/optic connection.

5)      Put the disk inside and begin installation.

6)      Ignore the part with Sims 3 updates and patches.

And now the super important moment. After most of the job is done and your Sims 3 is almost ready to finish, a window will appear. There will be the box, prompting to install Origin. Do not check it and just complete installation. If you have followed every step, all the limits will get removed and Sims 3 will all be yours to enjoy! Of course this method requires extra-money to spend, but at least it provides a 100% guarantee that Origin’s limitations will be gone for good.

Note: Your Sims 3 DVD must be issued before September 2012.

2. Make the Beast Dormant

If your Sims 3 versions is Patch 1.69, then you have zero chance to launch it without Origin. But there’s one trick to try. Do this:

1)   Launch your computer. If it’s already running, shut all the apps down and reboot it.

2)   After the reboot, open the Origin.

3)   Log in.

4)   Click on Origin in the left corner (next to Friends & Help).

5)   Select Go Offline.

Some Simmers have reported that it worked for a while. Others say that the change is permanent and Sims has been fully accessible offline ever since. Probably you might need to do this move everytime, before starting the game.

3. Total Recall

It’s another method that requires you to pay twice. Here’s what you should do:

1)   Uninstall Sims 3 and completely erase all the junk files left by the game. No trace of its previous existence must be left whatsoever.

2)   Then go to Steam.

3)   Purchase the game there, download and install it.

Not everyone is willing to re-purchase something they already paid for. But Steam doesn’t get fussy about players going offline. Therefore Sims 3 won’t act weird if there’s no connectivity. By the way, a little tip: Steam regularly offers games and game bundles for sale, with as much as 60-70% off. Sims games were available at a reduced price a couple of times too. Just wait for a promo-campaign.

4. Life of a Mac

If you happen to be an owner of a MacBook, then you’re in luck. The thing is there’s no 1.69 Patch for MacOS at the moment, which means Origin will be helpless about intruding your play time. On the other hand, apart from having an actual device, you will also need a Sims 3 version for Mac too (sold separately).

5. A Bit of Hacking

Although this method has received mixed feedback, you might wanna try it. After all, desperate times call for whatever measures you can apply to gain success. You need to:

1)   Go to the My Computer folder.

2)   Locate and open Program Files x86.

3)   There you must find a folder titled something like “sims” or “electronic arts”.

4)   Go inside that folder.

5)   Open a game folder, like “Sims 3 Late Night”.

6)   Inside click on the “Game” folder”.

7)   Open the “Bin”.

8)   Click on the very last file (smth. like TS3EP10) and launch it.

9)   The game must work now!

Although there’s no guarantee it’ll work for you, the risk is worth it. Especially if your computer is powered by Windows 7.

Note: Similar procedure could be tried on Mac as well.

6. Downgrade

Almost identical to the first method, downgrade will work for Simmers who have physical copies of the game, and who were unfortunate to update it to 1.69.

1)      Entirely remove the game from your system, shredding junk files. Some uninstalling software is what you need.

2)      Re-install it form the disk.

3)      Do not install any mods, updates, DLCs etc.

4)      Find Super Patch (1.67) — it’s available through Origin or online form 3d parties.

5)      Download it and upgrade the game to 1.67.

Note: This patch has regional versions: USA, Europe, Japan and so on. You can either choose your region or download the Universal patch, but it will take 1.6 GB of your disk space.

You can use these tips for The Sims 4.

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