Great Expectations: The Upcoming PS4 Games For 2019 And Beyond

2018 has been shaken by such blockbusters as God of War with barbaric Kratos and yet forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 with a Clint Eastwood’s doppelganger.

According to further intel, Sony’s #1 console is going to survive a whole avalanche of high profile games in 2019 and beyond. We’ve selected and briefly reviewed a roster of the most anticipated titles that will sweep up PS4’s adepts the next year or a bit later. So here is our list of the upcoming PS4 games.

The Last of Us II

The Last of Us Part II promises to be a delicious treat for all of the prequel fans. It’s no surprise because:

  • There’ll be an upgraded combat system.
  • Graphics & physics will get a major facelift.
  • Plot will feature drama of Ellie craving revenge and mystery of Joel’s unknown destiny.
  • An enigmatic evil cult, hunting after Ellie will be introduced as possibly the central malicious force.

So far that’s everything we know from the trailer and interviews given by the authors, but even such small grains of information guarantee that The Last of Us II will have the players glued to the controllers for quite a long.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil returns after almost 16 years. That’s been an impressively long pause, long enough to design a worthy sequel.

Not much known about the gameplay concept or storyline, but what has been confirmed is that charismatic sapient boar Pey’j and Jade will be back. The visuals presented in the trailer are breathtaking and if Ubisoft is sincere about returning to the authentic atmosphere and roots of the first game – it will be a marvel.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 aspires to raise the bar for the survival horror genre. And the back-story, suspense, eerie atmosphere of the human civilization lying in ruins and never-ending struggle for survival will definitely make it happen.

In the world, infested with the undead, marauders, and bandits. In the world where regular means of comfort & security like water, electricity or firearms are almost an extravagant luxury, you’ll have to learn what it takes to be a fighter, strategist, diplomat and at times parkour artist – all in one.

An intriguing bonus: destinies of some of the remaining cities will be fully in your hands.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Nothing is known about The Elder Scrolls VI. Apart from a couple of rumors, speculation and wild guesses.

The first and foremost – the game is expected to be released not earlier than in 2024. Second, judging by the 37 seconds long trailer released by Bethesda, the Skyrim’s successor is going to be massive.

Perhaps, being disturbed by the vastness of the worlds featured in Kingdom Come and Witcher 3, Bethesda is seriously going to reclaim the crown of the colossal game in terms of the in-game universe.

We all would love such a fundamental and deep approach towards architecting the playable and roamable space for sure, but at least knowing subtitle the game will have would make the waiting less frustrating. Maybe Moon Sugar Crisis could make a good title?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

It’s been announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will hit the counters on March 15, 2019.

According to Ubisoft, players will be incentivized to complete the campaign mode in order to gain access to three classes:

  • Sharpshooter – a camper sniper class, that grants you .50 caliber death-bringer.
  • Demolitionist – an explosive expert with an elegant grenade launcher as the weapon of choice.
  • Survivalist – crossbow-armed psycho.

Each class unlocks unique perks, tools, skills weaponry and so forth. And what’s better, they are switchable – you don’t have to snipe the unsuspecting enemies for the rest of your life and try blowing stuff up once in a while.

This time story takes you to the DC, devoured by chaos and anarchy and also torn apart by the rivaling fractions. Damage concept has been reworked a bit and now a clear headshot grants you an instant kill unless your adversary is protected by some sophisticated, bullet-absorbing armor. The Dark Zone, raids and looting will be present as well.

StarWars: Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order is a mystery wrapped in the enigma. It’s been in the Respawn’s workshops for over two years and all we know is that it features a peculiar protagonist – some lucky Padawan who escapes the Order 66 slaughter.

The plot takes place in the Galaxy’s “darkest days”, when the Empire was young and had big dreams. Allegedly it covers the obscure time period between The Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

Gameplay concept is clad in secrecy as well, but it’s suspected that we get to brandish a lightsaber and do some of the Jedi mind tricks.

Metro Exodus

A new Metro game with the biblical undertones in its name was scheduled to be released by the end of 2018, but unfortunately, postponement ruined it all and the agony of waiting was prolonged until February 22, 2019.

The Metro’s central character Artyom returns in Metro Exodus, accompanied by his wife Anna. And unlike in previous Metro experience, the players will be allowed to explore the charmingly frightful environments of the post-nuclear Russia.

The game itself will still follow the strictly logical line of levels, but every single one of them will require a few days to be completely explored. And players won’t be kindly assisted by the game’s prompts and hints all the time. In fact, getting lost and investigating unknown is a major part of the reinvented gameplay. It’s not an open-world yet, but something very close to it.

Devil May Cry 5

The legendary duo of sworn enemies/friends Nero and Dante will make a comeback on March 8, 2019.

In this DMC installment, we are promised to be given everything we love about the game: gargantuan demons and fiends, reckless slashing, Dante’s braggadocio attitude etc.

Only this time the anti-demon team of two gentlemen is diluted by the presence of Nicolette Goldstein – a crafty and somewhat cocky chick with a heart-melting smile. Incidentally, her genius at forging robotic prosthesis brings a certain cyberpunk vibe to the game.

And of course two riddles are yet to be unriddled:

  1. Who is the third playable character in the DMC chapter? (Could it be Vergil?)
  2. Whatever happened to the Devil Bringer? Who could possibly tear it off??

The time will show.

Ghost of Tsushima

After the sensational trailer of Ghost of Tsushima was displayed at E3 it provoked a lot of thoughts and speculations. And one of them: is the game, dedicated to medieval Japan, following the Kingdom Come’s steps? Quite possibly.

Only apart from historical accuracy, it does present electrifying visuals and emotionally complicated drama that reveals what people may become and what aspects of human nature may they reveal, when bloodshed and death break into their lives.

And all this philosophical depth will be elegantly mixed with the picturesque violence, colossal and extremely interactive open world and life-like picture that will guarantee take your breath away. It feels like a time trip to the era of shoguns, katanas, samurai, and ronins.

Doom Eternal

Portal to Hell will be open once more in 2019 when the new Doom Eternal sees the light. The forthcoming shooter retains the original spirit of the Doom franchise with wicked gunfire and explosions, all types of walking abominations getting in your way and outlandish landscapes of the Inferno.

However, stagnation is deadly, and Doom Eternal has a few innovations. Probably the most notable one is the debut of the grappling hook. It radically affects the way you move in the game and reconstructs the entire gameplay, allowing more leeway for strategizing.

The armada of enemies will become even more sizeable: apart from already classic Cacodemons and Barons of Hell, new enemy types – names and appearances of which we don’t know yet – will be introduced as well.

The repertoire of weapons will be increased too, meanwhile, already existing demon-slaying tools will receive slight changes and upgrades. E.g. the Gauss Cannon has been transformed into Ballista which will accurately channel your rage into disastrous energy bolts.

The protagonist’s agility definitely saw some improvements and now you can use sprinting/dodging to your advantage all you want.

Death Stranding

Another highly anticipated game, Death Stranding is a child of Hideo Kojima’s philosophical insight. The creator of Metal Gear promises to reinvent and rethink the process of getting killed in a game. Perhaps players will be allowed to explore some sort of Netherworld or Purgatory before returning to the moment before they died.

Furthermore, Kojima aspires to mix such classical game elements as snazzy, barbarous violence and co-op playing, which he calls “stick” with something he calls “rope”. In other words, players will be given opportunity not only to eliminate hostile forces and each other but also they’ll be able to protect something they treasure. It’s unknown how it’s going to be implemented.

With visionary’s revelations put aside, Death Stranding trailers look absolutely mind-blowing. And also the game features Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead and Tony Baker, wearing a skull mask with mystical powers.


Anthem, date release February 22, 2019, is a side-project of BioWare – the same studio responsible for Mass Effect.

Anthem’s plot is centered around an ancient, almost divine artifact called Anthem of Creation, that alone can craft the whole planets. Shapers – the semi-divine creatures that once possessed it – haven’t finished their work on the planet which happens to be the game’s open-world. As a result, their godlike devices are still active and sometimes provoke disasters.

And that’s when you and 3 of your friends – dressed in neat upgradable exosuits – join the scene and explore this planet, facing challenges and completing missions.

4 classes of exosuits include:

  • Ranger – well-balanced, good at CQC.
  • Colossus – a bulky and super-strong suit.
  • Interceptor – swift, nimble and armed with a sword.
  • Storm – something. similar to the mage-class.

There will be cooperative raids called Strongholds, but alas no PvP is expected, at least in the early days after release.

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