Fresh And Juicy Video Games Will Ripen By May-2018

Fresh And Juicy Video Games Will Ripen By May-2018 on Blog

It seems, that May-2018 is one of the most fruitful months of this year as for video gaming. About three dozens of new releases are upcoming by the end of this spring. We impatiently wait for these brand new games, some remastered and a few retro collections. Let’s start that month with cheerful and funny Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and end up with something breathtaking like vintage compilations Sega Genesis Classics and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

This May Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Cranky Kong make their debut on Nintendo Switch platform. This brand new game would be the direct sequel to the 2010 Wii release Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Start with a new beginner-friendly mode and play this adventure as a groovy surfing simian Funky Kong. In Tropical Freeze Funky Kong can double jump, hover, perform infinite rolls and infinite underwater corkscrews. He has a sturdy surfboard as well, it’s quick and makes Funky almost elusive.

Except for different Kongs, you will meet Snowmads in this game. They are Viking-themed arctic animals like walruses, owls and penguins who try to invade Donkey Kong Island. Your mission is to help Donkey Kong and his friends to kick away the intruders.

Anyway, your amusing characters can swim, jump, rock on the vines and explore the islands, full of dangers, hidden bonuses and unforgettable battles with bosses. You can use the unique techniques of each character and explore all the islands far and wide, find unique items and even secret exits. This funny adventure won’t leave you indifferent!

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a neo-noir thriller for PS4 by french Quantic Dream studio. This revolutionary and futuristic game offers you a choice, which side to fight for. By switching in rotation three possible heroes, you get an opportunity to change the fate of androids and humans.

You will find yourself in Detroit in 2038, which by this moment have become a futuristic metropolis. The people here have designed highly developed androids to manage their purposes and needs. For androids, serving humanity became the whole nature of their existence. But suddenly everything went wrong. The robots start experiencing feelings. Faced with the cruelty of society, androids have to decide whom they want to become.

By trying three various roles, you can entirely change the course of the game and create your own complex narrative. All your characters are androids, but each has a different story. Connor is an inspector of a special police department, helping people investigate cases involving other androids. Cara is a runaway android who takes care of a girl and hide with her together. Marcus is the leader of the upcoming uprising of androids.

With loads of game options and dozens of endings create the various finals of Detroit: Become Human and solve some questions of humanity while playing. With its outstanding 3D graphics, the playing experience will be unforgettable.

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

little nightmares gameplay

Meet the Nintendo Switch game based on your childhood fears. With this dull fairy-tale, you will surely revive them in your memory. The main character of this game is a girl Six who is lured on a vessel named The Maw. It’s a mysterious place where mutilated souls, terrible creatures, monsters, and traps are situated. To leave the ship Six has to get to its upper decks.

There would also be a parallel plot dedicated to the story of a boy named the Kid. His experience would somehow expand the view on the adventures of the Six. This second line occurs without interfering into the main.

Each room on the Maw is a cell, and every inhabitant is a threat. In both stories, of Six and the Kid, it is necessary to solve tricky puzzles. In the separate adventures of the Six and the Boy you will encounter their childish fears. To support your characters, you’ll need to uncover your inner child. Only with the help of child's imagination, you'll be able to solve complex 3D puzzles. And by completing them, you will find the way out.

Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered gameplay

Dark Souls new release is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. And this would be a game’s debut for Nintendo Switch. The remastered version will please the fans with improved graphics and the addition of Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Get ready for the 25th of May 2018. That is the date when the legendary saga launches on. It will be a long-awaited return to the life of the cutting-edge role-playing game with essential visual improvements.

Remastered Dark Souls gets the fruitful combat experience and lots of challenging missions. Immerse yourself in the dark cursed universe with even more friends. The number of online players now increases from four to six. With the hundreds of unique combinations of weapons, armor and spells you can easily create unique playing style.

Find some new lighting, effects, and textures in PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. 4K resolution with compatible TV/monitor at 60fps will be as well available on all the named platforms.

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection

Meet Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in May 2018. This will be a remaster of twelve classic fighting games. This time Nintendo Switch will receive the famous mode Tournament Battle for Super Street Fighter 2.

The original retro atmosphere will be as well saved in four brand new games: SFII Hyper Fighting, Super SFII Turbo, SF Alpha 3 and SFIII: Third Strike. You can play any of the twelve games as one in the arcade mode or against other users online.

Some nostalgic materials of the past 30 years you can find in so-called Museum Mode. Discover various additional materials about how the series was created, watch mini-videos, learn about the actors and the developments of game design. Another bonus waits for you in the Music Player - all the game soundtracks are available here to listen.

Get to know more about fan-favorite characters. Their bios and new unknown details will show you how the classic fighters have evolved.

Sega Genesis Classics

Sega Genesis Classics gameplay

Let’s celebrate the launch of the Sega Genesis Classics Collection. Over fifty games will be re-released for PlayStation 4 And Xbox One. Sorry Nintendo Switch fans, not this time.

The collection includes games from the Sega 16-bit Genesis (or Mega Drive) system with few enhanced features. You will now have such modern functions like saving achievements, statistics, rewinding time, and online/offline multiplayer mode for several games. Special Mirror Mode appears in this brand new release.

Nevertheless, with the visual improvementsб the games would look authentic. Alien Storm, Bonanza Bros., Dynamite Headdy, Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic the Hedgehog, The Revenge of Shinobi, Wonder Boy in Monster World are on the list.

This vintage compilation will be a real thing for all 90s consoles gamers. As Sega announced, in Genesis Classics you will find arcade actions, shooters, beat'em ups, puzzlers, old favorites and hidden gems. Have this unforgettable experience with the blast from the past from Sega!


Enjoy this May with ultimately bright video games compilation. Everyone will find something to his taste in this list. Adventures, puzzles, actions, role-playing. It’s up to you, what kind of game is going to light up your May.

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