Best Selling Xbox One Games 2018 in the USA

The closer Christmas sales peak gets, the more relevant charts become. If you have been deferring purchasing the game you’ve been looking at since the release day, it’s just time to afford it. So, here is our actual list of best selling Xbox One games 2018, and it looks quite reliable considering the titles it includes. Maybe it’s time for you to put some of them on your shelf beside the console, to keep them closer?

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

Call of Duty seems an endless series that always keeps up with zeitgeist but never revolutionizes. So it is this time. The developers offer even better graphics and physics, more characters and scenes, arenas and modes. It’s still a first-person shooter with lots of weapons to use and to customize, skills and tricks to master, and health bars to keep track of. Being rather a prequel to Black Ops III, the game offers you more of the same nonstop action.

It’s 2018, and the developers gave up solo mode for Specialist operations, uncovering the story of each of 10 Specialist characters available here. There is still a cooperative Zombie mode, with living dead as a versatile enemy not offending any nation, culture or group. And (as it’s still 2018) we have the innovative Blackout mode that (at second sight) turns out to be just Battle Royale.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This western saga by Rockstar has been the talk of the town since long before it hit the stores, and it sells just as well. Especially hot it gets after Red Dead Online is launched to extend the pleasure of those with it already. So, you follow the story of Arthur Morgan from Van der Linde gang, making his way through the margin of the XIX century. There are tons of shooting and riding, hunting and fishing, or just hanging around to enjoy the beauty of the world created by the developers. And the game is worth all the praises it’s been given since the lucky pioneers got their promo items.

The story is big and rich now, due to its free roaming mode, and it will surely get lots of updates. The first expansion is Red Dead Online that features real interaction between players, not making you feel you’re visiting the Westworld Park. And it has Battle Royale mode, of course. In 2018 everyone should have its own Battle Royale. It won’t be any surprise if the next installment of The Sims features it too.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry by Ubisoft is just another constant in the gaming world, like James Bond or Marvel Universe in the cinema industry. Far Cry has been given its fifth embodiment in 2018, and it’s still all about a mystery. Your character is a junior deputy sheriff that confronts the charismatic Joseph Seed, the leader of a doomsday cult. The denomination with its private army is your major enemy, and you must save your state from being conquered by this sect.

Adventure with lots of shooting, Far Cry V features a narrative that’s fun to follow, being a step away from an interactive movie with variable endings. It even features its spinoffs as downloadable content, telling the story of secondary characters. It’s full of controversies, and it steps on many traditional callosities, irritating Christian fundamentalists as well as environmentalists, but maybe, that’s the reason Far Cry V is that popular. It touches the right nerve for today, hate it or love it.

Madden NFL 19

If the previous games can compare to movie franchises, there’s no need to find an analogue for Madden NFL series; it just reflects what happens in National Football League meanwhile. It’s the 30th anniversary this year because the series started before many of its’ nowadays fans were born. And it’s indisputably the best American football representation, with real teams and players, stadiums and fields, rules and physics.

What the game features this year isn’t much different from the previous one, but still, it’s a feast for a football fan. More realistic movements, from touchdowns to ball flight physics, three vs three mode, and great soundtracks mostly by hip-hop stars. The perfect Xbox controls, with almost no difference for those familiar with NFL 2018. Oh, how we could forget: it doesn’t have a Battle Royale mode. Thank you, Mr. Madden!

NBA 2K19

While football fans get their kicks from Madden NFL, basketball community has its own thing to madden about, and it’s NBA 2K official series. After a long history, this game is still king of the court, with enhanced motion animations and physics, and still keeping up with the real NBA ratings and schedules.

This time the game is quite harder to master, featuring new tricks and skills to master, so even if you’ve never played it before, you’ll be quite on par with those familiar with the previous instalment on the same Xbox Controller. Now your abilities and style depend on you rather than on automatic refinement. But the players digitally recreated look like their prototypes, they move like they do IRL, and the public roars like it does in real courts. And if you prefer some street experience, you’ll get yours from Playgrounds mode.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Missed Battle Royale mentions? Well, PUBG is the classical game of this sort, being all about this dog-eat-dog experience. The game that redefined the gaming industry in the late 2010s is around, and Xbox owners still eagerly buy it to find themselves on a battleground, one versus all.

The principle is simple. After all of your party is deployed on a large island, you need to find yourself some weapon and ammunition and kill anybody you see. And keep from being killed. Guns and knives, abandoned houses and forests, and there can be only one. Simple in its basics and inexhaustible in tactics, PUBG is the trend’s name.

Formally, it’s a 2017 game, but it was only released officially on December 21st, so its sales mostly went on in 2018. And that’s the reason to let it in.

Monster Hunter: World

This action-RPG has been here since January, and it took all of its time to succeed. The game offers just what it says on the tin: you hunt monsters, alone or in the cooperative party, throughout the entire world, between necessary transitions between locations that were necessary in previous installments. Your mission is rewarded with the parts you get from the monster. This Frankensteinish loot can be used to craft weapons or equipment, to kill more monsters more efficiently.

The series has always been more Japan-oriented, but new features like open world, rich details and elaborate ecosystem with monsters fitting in it have made this installment the first worldwide hit of it. The developers confess that this is the aim they initially set. And now they rightfully enjoy their rich loot.

Sea of Thieves

It’s a bit funny that after Disney revived the pirate esthetics there has been so little pirate games. Sea of Thieves fills that gap and offers salty and waving naval adventure. The world is loosely based on real Caribbean golden era of piracy, with gold and sails, skeletons and caves, rum and songs, but has also a lot of fantasy elements to highlight that this world is fictional, and so are its ethics. The players can either enjoy the solo experience or recruit a multiplayer crew to reach strange shores.

Some critics say the game lacks content and offers too little variety of experience. It may be so, but the first hours of discovery with mouth wide open for its sea graphic luxury pay for it. We can only hope that the developers make up their mind to share more downloadable content to enhance the experience with new quests and locations.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The prequel to Origins takes you even further in time than the Origins, into the middle of the war between Athens and Sparta. Select one of the two characters available (Alexios or Cassandra) to follow the adventure-stuffed storyline that offers a whole lot of fights and stealth missions, like Assassin’s Creed should. Being the heir of the Spartan king is full of unexpected dangers, especially when war has arisen, and you need to go through it,

This series is a must in the gaming industry again, offering more and more installments while keeping its original adventure spirit. This time it contains more adventure than strict action, due to reviewing gaming mechanics along with the setting. But if you liked the original Origins’ Hitbox fight mechanics, relax: it’s still there, and you’ll have to use it often.

Call of Duty: WWII

And we leap back in time again, as Call of Duty series features its tribute to the greatest war of XX century. You’ll still meet that war-based tactical first-person shooter, with solo or cooperative missions, but this time the developers claimed realism the motto of the day (except for some intended historical incorrectness for balance’s sake).

This time you’ll face the Nazis in France, Belgium and, finally, in Germany, playing with American squads. The developers recreate both real operations in details and war specifics (sacrificing some realism for balance and controls, again). But first of all, it’s a shooter rather than historical reconstruction, so don’t be a severe judge when you see some nuisance there with your skilled historian’s eye.

There is a highly amusing fact about a game that should have been on our list, and although we decided to skip it in the body, it’s still worth mentioning. The famous Grand Theft Auto V is still on the list, and it’s still among the best selling Xbox One games 2018, though it’s already five years old. Maybe some newly baked Xbox One owners start with catching their long-deferred dream, and maybe, the game still attracts new fans. We suppose some of those on our list will catch customers’ eyes in 2023, too.

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