hammergamer is the Best Games Portal. It is number one website for all the computer gamers. We are offering you the unique content here. With our most complete online catalogue of games, you will totally change the experience of gaming.

Let’s see, what you can get with hammergamer:

  • Over 20 thousand of games for PC and consoles from our catalog.
  • The detailed reviews on each game, including its features, sales data and selected characteristics.
  • Games video manuals.
  • Honest descriptions of well-tried pros and cons.
  • Even more information for our subscribers.

With the enormous quantity of games in our online catalog, we don't forget about quality. We always try to provide you with the best samples on the computer games market. This is how you can quickly orientate in the flow of game novelties. You can undoubtedly trust our reviews; we adhere to the principles of honesty and balance writing them. These useful texts and videos on games will save your time for gaming instead of prolonged searching. Use our helpful tips and guides, gameplay and walkthrough videos to become a pro-gamer instead of sticking in a newbie status.

With a paid subscription you will find selected information about sales data and access to the section with sweet and fresh games sales. So it’s an excellent option to save money and anyway play the latest and favorite games at a reasonable price.

Our team takes care of your gaming experience to be delightful and cutting-edge. We are:

Arsenio Miles
certified software engineer, pro-gamer to-the-core. 

Javier Fernandez
UX expert, god of online games and Let’s plays recording.

Michael Torrero and Frank Wilder
highly-skilled analysts and meticulous researchers of games features.


We all work on the game development, and we think we are on the ball.

The world of the computer games is our job and most profound passion. So we are creating, testing, playing games, writing reviews on them. Best-tasting video games, gaming news and detailed reviews - that’s exactly what you always needed and finally found on our website. Become our subscriber and unravel even more!

Computer gaming is about fun and enjoyable time. So revel in it and be more refined with hammergamer!


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