Star Trek Online

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  • Release date: 9/6/2016
  • Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Genre: Misc
  • Content rating: Teen
  • Features: Online multiplayer (1-5), Online co-op
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment
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Star Trek Online description


Star Trek Online puts you in the captains chair of your own adventure in the Star Trek universe. Youll be able to lead your ship and crew on adventures in space and on the ground in this ever expanding, completely Free-to-Play online universe.

Key Features:

100% Free to Play: Free to download, free to play, no subscription, no hidden pay walls, and all of our content updates are totally free.

Intrigue in the Final Frontier: We have a rich story line that unfolds over 125 episodes that feature friends and foes from every part of the Star Trek universe.

Celebrity Involvement: Star Trek Online features over 15 actors spanning every series of Star Trek. Youll have the opportunity to party up with Worf, Seven of Nine, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and many many more.

Choose your Faction: Explore with the Federation, Fight for Honor with the Klingon Empire, or rebuild your species with the Romulan Republic, the choice is up to you!

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